Eminente Jewellery; with its strong background support accompanied by its partners’ wide experience in jewellery, foreign trade and finance sectors, , satisfys the ‘first class’ natural material and complementary product needs of jewellery companies in an international scope more than 25 years.

In recent time; in which, fashion, design and jewellery plots are interconnected with each other, Eminente Jewellery fills in an important gap.

Our company; which realizes 65% of its total sales from export, with its mission of ‘quality, innovation and continuity’, has become an unabondanable business partner of its customers because it gives continious best qualified and best complementary material support to increase their precious pendant, broche and bracelet sales.

Our customer profile is ranging from the smallest ateliers to the biggest  jewellery producers and from first-rate retailers to wholesalers.Also, Eminente Jewellery is rapidly turning into a position of a ‘global address’ of famous jewellery designers and international brands who are in search of of new and natural complementary materials.

Our company, from its İstanbul Center, gives service to Middle East, The Balkans, Russia and Turkic Republics and from its Vicenza Center, services to Europa and America

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